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Hey dudes, Haiti auction

Ack, should have posted this days ago. I have jumped on that there bandwagon and am offering fanart and fic for the Haiti auction you've probably seen floating around. Here are my posts:



I'm offering D.Gray-Man, Buffy and Doctor Who as well as the expected FMA. I should probably have offered Firefly and BSG too ... Those of you who know me will know I'm pretty flexible (i.e. a tart) about the pairings and genres I'll cover. As long as it's not Noa* or Kennedy ... but even then, dammit, it's for charidee.

*Shamballa hyper-Sue Noa, of course. The Noah family of D. Gray-Man are A-OKAY WITH ME. Especially if they're eating ice-cream and helping Rhode with her homework.
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