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Fic: Notorious, Epilogue and Author's Notes

Title: Notorious: Epilogue
Author: bob_fish
Beta: the marvellous and very patient enemytosleep
Artist: he03. Check out he03's Deviantart account here for more awesomeness and a delightful metric ton of Bradley love.
Word Count: 915
Rating: PG-13

Characters: Madam Christmas aka Chris Mustang, Roy Mustang (aged four), Grumman
Warnings: gangsters, innuendo, sleaze, dominoes and a lot of jazz age slang
Summary: Twenty-five years ago ... Chris Mustang is having a very bad month. The censors killed her show, she's in debt to a couple of very dubious businessmen, and she's working as a hostess in the worst bar in town. As if that wasn't enough, her estranged big brother seems to have gotten himself in an auto accident, and some nut decided to make her guardian of his four year old brat. 
Notes: Written for the 2009-2010 FMA Big Bang Challenge.

Chapter One: in which bad news comes in threes, and Chris gets an unwanted gift.
Chapter Two: in which Roy flirts with his first waitress, and Chris meets a woman of means.
Chapter Three: in which Grumman shows his hand, and Chris decides if she should buy herself into the game.

Epilogue: in which Chris takes on a new career in a new town.Collapse )

Author's Nerding NotesCollapse )
Tags: [chapterfic] notorious, [fandom] fullmetal alchemist, [fanworks] fic, [fic series] wrong turn 'verse
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