August 12th, 2009

Cas s12

Fic: Intermission

So, this came out ... different. Another fma_ihop  kink meme fic, and yet again I delivered something so subtexty it was practically gen (why can't I let poor Roy get some action?). The lulz this time are sadly largely unintentional: egged on by the anonymity of the meme and still stoned from the blood-splattered, deep-fried awesomeness of ep 19 of Brotherhood, I wrote me some self-indulgent aaaaangst. Luckily the prompter also liked them some angst, so that's two of us who had fun. My other excuse for getting this thing out of my system was that it might be good for keeping the like from infecting the plotty, multi-chapter action/mystery thingy I'm currently drafting. Not sure as of yet whether that worked. 
Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy/Riza in a subtexty, really h/c way. Guest appearances from Madam Christmas and a very drugged-up Havo. 
Mangaverse, spoilers for the epic slice of awesome that is Chapter 39 and ep 19 of Brotherhood. 
PG-13 for a wee bit of blood and guts.  Worksafe, that apart. 
2032 words. 
Summary: It had been something of a long night. 
Note: unbetaed, polished a little from its incarnation on the meme, and so appallingly angsty I had to use my special emo Anakin icon. 

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