August 15th, 2009

Cas s12

Kink meme rec: Roy, Riza, teenage hormones and Papa Hawkeye's liquor cabinet

 After writing "Intermission" on the kink meme for enemytosleep , I felt in need of some compensatory Royai comedy. So I anonymised and asked the meme for this:

"Mangaverse Roy/Riza, "a little rebellion". Papa Hawkeye's away for the night and so teenage Roy and Riza sneak into his study ... and the drinks cabinet. What they get up to is up to you - but remember that canonically speaking, he can't find out about her tattoo yet! Bring the funny and I will love you, anon."

And today I awoke to find someone filled my prompt! Woot! It is very funny, particularly for the cheeky, composed and snarky teenage Riza, and for what Papa Hawkeye has been keeping stashed in his desk drawer. 

It's funny, I actually got so interested in the idea after writing the prompt that I've now written half of a fic which answers it myself. If no one answered the prompt I was going to confess on the meme to ficprompt onanism (kinky, no?) and see if it was within the rules to post/link. But now I do not have to! I still might finish my fic, though, as I was enjoying the chance to write Papa Hawkeye's insanity, Roy as teenage alchemy geek, and soon, super-sensible little Riza being tipsy and rude. Luckily, there's less danger of plagarising my lovely authoranon as I imagined the teenage Roy/Riza dynamic rather differently - my authoranon's approach of having Riza lead the naughtiness is so much more interesting than my own mini-Hawkeye. 

P.S. enemytosleep , if the authoranon turns out to be you, that will be downright spooky! It couldn't be ... right?