September 15th, 2009

Cas s12

Fic: Circuit Theory

Title: Circuit Theory
Setting: Mangaverse as ever, spoilers for the Ishbal flashback arc, Ch. 57-61, and for Brotherhood ep 22.
Word Count: 723 words
Rating: PG13 for a wee bit of blood
Characters: Scar and his unnamed brother
Summary: He only wished that they could have had the time to reason together about it.
Notes: Ah, where would fma_fic_contest entries be without Ishbal flashbackery? I tied for third place for this one, joint with cornerofmadness's excellent Havoc fic Aftermath. Here are the winners, and here are all nine of this week's entries. They were all awesome. And here is my boasty banner by sky_dark , with a lovely pic of proto-Scar and his lovely brother. Aww.

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