October 28th, 2009

Cas s12

Ficlet: Inhuman Resources

Title: Inhuman Resources
Setting: Mangaverse, as ever. Spoilers for the first chapter of the Devil's Nest arc, sorta.
Characters: Roa, Greed 1.0., the Devil's Nest Crew
Rating: R for sweary monsters.
Word count: 250 exactly
Summary: Thank you for your resumes, gentlemen.
Notes: I love these guys from the bottom of my little Karloff-obsessed heart. Thanks to enemytosleep for the beta, and helping me pare this sucker down to 250 words. Originally written for fma_fic_contest Prompt 34, "Cow", where it snagged first place! I never placed first before so that was super-exciting, and also meant that I got this awesome and hilarious banner handcrafted by sky_dark :

Oh yeah, and this was possibly the funniest fic_contest week evah. People came up with so many creative and insane takes on the prompt! Check out the other winners here - but it was freakin' impossible to decide between entries this week, so really, at 250 words per fic, you should do the right thing and go read all eighteen.

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