December 30th, 2009

Cas s12

Oh, happy day

A late Christmas present for me today ... the lovely qashqai1 has subbed a new FMA OVA which I did not even know about, "Simple People", and posted the results for all to enjoy over atfm_alchemist. Look here! You'll be surprised to learn it's based on that gaiden, "Simple People", where Winry gets her earrings and Riza grows her hair out.

Why is my joy so unconfined? Well, the OVA itself is very cute and funny, with a hilariously bratty thirteen year old Ed and twelve year old Al, a cool little fight scene and some wrench-throwing and nerding from young Win. BUT! The source of my joy is that this OVA has provided me with the first glimpse of my very favourite minor FMA character, Lt. Rebecca Catalina, weeks and weeks before I was expecting to get to see her. Well, hoorah! Those of you on the flist who read my fic (um, most of you?) will already know that I've basically promoted Rebecca to a main cast member, and ship her with Havoc like fire.

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