January 8th, 2010

Cas s12

D. Gray-Man ficlet: Counting Sheep

I wrote something that wasn't Hagaren! Will you look at that? Sometimes I'm astounded at my own spirit of adventure.

Title: Counting Sheep
Author: bob_fish
Characters: Lavi, Krory and implicitly, Allen
Rating: G
Word count: 393
Setting: D. Gray-Man, during the sea journey to Edo
Summary: Sleep: it looks easy enough when other people do it.
Notes: written from two prompts from my flist. became_fire asked for Lavi and Allen, smut or gen, enemytosleep asked for "Lavi thinks about Allen late one night on Anita's ship (slash or not, up to you)". Slash or not? Up to you. XD
Disclaimer: Not mine. All hail the Great Cow! Hail her even though this is not an FMA fic.

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Cas s12

Ficlet: After-party

Title: After-party
Author: bob_fish
Characters: Riza, Rebecca, mention of Havoc
Rating: R for Rebecca's acute oversharing
Word count: 517
Setting: Fullmetal Alchemist, post-manga - the morning after a somewhat belated victory party
Summary: Acoffee and dish session with Rebecca which Riza is in no condition to enjoy.
Notes: written from a prompt from my flist. havocmangawip asked for "Becky describing Havoc to Riza in a "girl dish session" post Victory Party." This is a sequel to my fic "Fight On, Second Lieutenant!", which is the tale of how Rebecca and Havoc get together, and so this little fic might make rather more sense if you've read the former.
Disclaimer: Not mine. All hail the Great Cow!

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