March 15th, 2010

Cas s12

Art: illustration for nyagosstar's Turn and Turn Again

The following little illo was done for nyagosstar's FMA Big Bang fic, Turn and Turn Again. You should totally go and read it now: set in nyagosstar's Bitter 'verse, of which I'm a real fan, it features awesome plotty intrigue, Ed being big-hearted and brilliant with alchemy (just how we like him), Roy being ambitious, coup-plotting and sexily disshevelled (just how we like him) and a seriously hissable villain. And please check out fma_big_bang, where fantastic longfics are going up every weekday this month.

Title: illustration for nyagosstar's Turn and Turn Again

Artist: bob_fish
Rating: G
Characters: Roy/Ed, although they're not doing anything ruder here than edge into each other's personal bubble
Warnings: none
Note: all hail the drawing tablet, it makes my life easy. Went for a kind of film noir low-key lighting thing with this one.

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