April 15th, 2010

Cas s12

Art: Dignity at All Times [Happy Birthday, havocmangawip!]

Happy (belated) Birthday, havocmangawip! Look, I learnt how to do fancy-pants scrolling text!

Sounds from your lj like you had a lovely day. I seem to be developing a habit of not realising it's my lj buddies' birthdays until um, it is. Luckily, I was already drawing a little something to say thanks for your patience with my incredibly late help_haiti fic, and grovelling apologies that it's so late. Anyway, it's done, and it's headed off to be betaed today after I read it through! You have been amazingly nice about this, you really have.

Anyway, consider this a combined birthday and 'thanks for being patient with my rubbishness and not throwing shoes at me' present.

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