August 10th, 2010

Cas s12

Art: Oolong Tea

Title: Oolong Tea
Rating: PG for mild cheekiness
Characters: Ling, OC concubines (see note). From left to right: Yin, Chu Hua, Lei.
Medium: Photoshop and drawing tablet
Summary: Highlight for 108 spoilers: Highlight for 108 spoilers: Remember how serious Emperor Ling looked in that photo at the end of 108? I thought after all that stern frowning he deserved some downtime with some of his favourite girls.
Notes: After some nerding about ancient Chinese royal concubines, enemytosleep came up with Ling's girlstash and made great use of them in her lovely Ling and Ran Fan flashback fic, No Sound of Water, and in a series of naughty drabbles.

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