January 19th, 2011

Cas s12

Art: One Little Room an Everywhere

Title: One Little Room an Everywhere
Characters: Roy/Ed
Rating: a super-tame R for naked dudes, still NSFW. Warning for sap.
Medium: drawing tablet and Adobe Photoshop
Summary: sequel to my recent NC-17 naughties pic, Home Run
Notes: For sky_dark. This was supposed to be a ten minute drawble to bribe sky into Big Bang productivity. I have learnt that I am not capable of ten minute drawbles? The shading was very much inspired by the Japanese doujinka Cucumis, her gorgeous, luminous watercolours in particular. Title from John Donne's poem "The Good-Morrow" (see, I warned you about the sap).

ETA: this pic is Wrong Turn 'verse for those keeping track. I realised I had left out an important detail from that 'verse, so edited it in. :D

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