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Art: illustrations for pandoraculpa's Two of Us

The following three illustrations were all done for pandoraculpa's fma_big_bang fic, Two of Us. Please do click on over and read before you click on my lj cut and look at my spoilery illos. I'd thoroughly recommend it for an unusual, satisfyingly slow-burn and complex take on Roy/Ed in mangaverse. Lovely characterisation, lots of subtexty bromance, and doesn't overdo the angst. Oh, and it's a sequel to her fantastic two-parter The Prices We Pay. You know me, UST is my porn. Well, porn is also my porn. But you know what I'm saying.

Title: illustrations for pandoraculpa's Two of Us
Artist: bob_fish
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Roy/Ed
Warnings: some illos contain semi-worksafe make-out action. Pretty tame, but thought I'd mention it in case you're at work and have a very easily shocked boss. More importantly, these illos contain SPOILERS for some surprises in later chapters. I would highly recommend that you read the fic (my illos are embedded in it so you'll see them there) before heading over here, in order not to spoil the twists and turns of pandoraculpa's marvellous story.

from Part Four:
Eventually he folded the paper in his lap, before laying it aside. As if this were a signal, Ed roused and sat forward, turning to fix Roy with an expectant eye before leaning across the other man's lap and pressing their lips together.

This, too, had become normal.

from Part Seven:
As it always did while he worked on the array, time seemed to disappear. There were only the lines to follow, each so precisely placed, and as familiar to Roy now as the strict geometry of his personal array.

from Part Eight:
Next to him, Ed slumbered on, sprawled on his back with one ankle hooked possessively over his, cheek resting against Roy's pillow which had been drawn up onto his shoulder. It was peculiarly comfortable.

A/N: and with that, my Big Bang commitments are finally over! Woo hoo!
Tags: [fandom] fullmetal alchemist, [fanworks] art
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