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I got home from camping, after a five hour slog through bank holiday traffic, to some lovely, flattering news - I got joint second place in this week's fma_fic_contest. I have a banner and everything! I like the font and the way they chose the goofy photo of HEARTBREAK AND WOE for the illo. 

As if that's not enough, along with all this week's other entrants, I also get a frighteningly cute chibi Ed banner for taking part. 


I think my entire flist is on fma_fic_contest, but just in case anyone isn't, I will do some pimping. I shared the second place spot on the podium with tiamatschild  and their lovely fic "Chestnuts", a really charming vignette in which Mei Chan harasses/looks after Scar. Aww! The winner list is here, and you should definitely check out the scary winning entry from colonel_bastard. But also! There were actually twenty-three entries, most of them ace, and all of them very short, so you could and should read them all in a single coffee break. They are here.
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