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Art: Domesticity [Roy/Ed, PG-13 and mostly safe for work, colouring by sky_dark]

sky_dark asked me nicely to draw her something to colour. I said yes because I am a sucker (and wanted to illustrate one of her hilarious fics) and she prompted me her totally entertaining kinkmeme fic with old, married Ed and Roy, Domesticity. I drew a pic and she went and made it pretty and shiny and posted it up. The end.

Here is the not very colourful original for comparison purposes:

Now take a look at it all coloured and lovely on sky's journal here - but be warned that there are naked bottoms (another coloured illo, sadly not mine) on the same page!
Tags: [fandom] fullmetal alchemist, [fanworks] art, [pairing] roy/ed
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