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My Fic and Pic Index

Hello, all. I keep all my fic and art (Fullmetal Alchemist and a little D. Gray-Man) public, but if you'd like to say "hello" or "friend me?" or "who is this Rebecca you speak of?" or anything else, the comments thread on this post is a good spot to do it.

Some of my fics are illustrated (or are stand alone illustrations). They will be marked with a ♦ and will either be WS (Work Safe) or NWS (Not Work Safe), so click accordingly!

If you're here for plotty slightly canon-divergent post-manga chapterfic with Roy/Ed and Havoc/Rebecca, head to the Wrong Turn 'verse plotfic. If you're here for Ed and Ling in a tent, you want Camping Trip of Doom.

Wrong Turn 'verse: pre-/mid-manga | Camping Trip of Doom | manga aftermath | post-manga plotfic and related works
Other FMA fic and arts: Gen | Roy/Ed | Ed/Ling | Ed/Winry | Other Pairings
D. Gray-man fic and arts

Wrong Turn 'Verse
Wrong Turn 'verse grew out of my kinkmeme action/comedy/UST-fest fic, Wrong Turn. I wrote a post-manga sequel to it, No Small Injury. NSI was plotted out in 2009, around the release of Chapter 98 of the manga. Some aspects of its post-manga plot inevitably got jossed. After finishing NSI, I worked out exactly where my 'verse diverged from canon events, and hammered Wrong Turn 'verse into a logical canon divergence 'verse. Much can be summed up as: "What if Olivia Armstrong hadn't survived the Promised Day?" Some of the ending AU is explored in stories, particularly the chapterfics and Curtain Call. But here's a brief summary.

The parts of this 'verse set before and during the manga, and immediately afterwards, feature many pairings, both canonical and non-canonical. You can see from the headers of the post-manga chapterfics where this 'verse ends up, pairing-wise.

Stories are archived in the order they take place, rather than the order I wrote them in.

Pre-canon and during canon
Notorious (Madam Christmas aka Chris Mustang, 4 yr old Roy Mustang, Grumman) PG-13 + WS Art: Twenty-five years ago ... Chris Mustang is having a very bad month. The censors killed her show, she's in debt to a couple of very dubious businessmen, and she's working as a hostess in the worst bar in town. As if that wasn't enough, her estranged big brother seems to have gotten himself in an auto accident, and some nut decided to make her guardian of his four year old brat.
Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Epilogue
A Modest Proposal (Roy/Riza) NC-17: You've got to start a career in skullduggery somewhere. In this case, it starts with two lonely, bored teenagers left unsupervised with a cabinet of hard liquor, a cocktail shaker and a stack of banned books.
Blush Response (Roy/Kimbley) NC-17: Doesn't everyone need an entry in their sexual history marked "what the hell was I thinking?"
In Deed (Roy/Maes) NC-17: Shut up, Hughes. Aka, that Roy/Maes Ishbal fumble that everyone has to write at some point.
Friends Don't Let Friends TMI (Roy/Maes (past), Maes/Gracia) R: Shut up, Hughes (again). Prompt-ficlet from enemytosleep's prompt, "Roy finds out that Gracia knows about he and Maes."
Wrong Turn (Roy/Ed UST) R: This really was turning out to be a day of surprises, thought Roy. Contains action, peril, mockery, cheap jokes and unresolved sexual tension.
Chapter One I Chapter Two | Chapter Three

The Camping Trip of Doom Series: (set in the off-page arc between Chapters 83 and 84 of the manga where Ed, Greedling, Darius and Heinkel went on the lam the winter before the Promised Day)
One Foot in Front of the Other (Ed/Ling) R: It's a long way from here to the Promised Day. Best keep busy, then.
Learning Curve (Ed/Ling) NC-17 + WS Art: BJ, awkward teenage fumblings in a rather cold tent, silliness. Those are also the fic warnings.
Wilderness Tips (Ed/Ling) R + NWS Art: A young man's guide to surviving months in the middle of nowhere with only basic supplies, two grouchy chimerae and a homunculus with identity issues.
Clandestine (Ed/Ling) NC-17: You can only be in the great outdoors so long before you start dreaming of hot showers. And of dumping the people you're travelling with in them.
Despite Appearances cowrite with enemytosleep (Ed/Ling) PG-13: Ed and Ling bond over torn pants. Greed and Ed bond over fixed ones (sort of).
Got on a lucky one, came in eighteen to one (Ling/Ed, Greed 2.0, Darius and Heinkel) PG-13: Happy New Year, Team Greedling.
Let's Stick Together cowrite with enemytosleep (Ling/Ed) PG-13 and WS Art by rufina_110: Ling. Ed. Icicles. How many seconds will it take Ling to get himself into trouble this time, readers?
Stuck in the Middle with You (Team Greedling: Greed 2.0, Darius and Heinkel, Ling/Ed) NC-17: Team Greedling: best teamwork evah.
The Day After Tomorrow (Team Greedling: Ling/Ed, Greed 2.0, Darius and Heinkel) NC-17: Thirty-six hours to the eclipse, and Team Greedling are still bickering.
Onwards and Upwards (Ed/Ling, Al) NC-17: We'll meet again. Cue sweeping chords. Ch 108 spoilers!

Curtain Call (Olivia, Bradley, Scar, Ran Fan, Roy) R: They would bow, they would drop into a fighting stand and extend their swords, there would be the shout of en garde. And then she would take him down.

Post-manga aftermath: stuff set in the immediate-ish aftermath of the Promised Day but before my post-manga plot kicks in
Oolong Tea (Ling/OC concubines) PG, WS Art: Post-manga downtiemz. Ch 108 spoilers!
To Talk of Other Things (Ling, Ran Fan) PG: Ling schemes his way to the top. Ran Fan keeps an eye on him. (Set shortly after 108.)
June (Riza, Al), G: Several months after the Promised Day, Hawkeye pays a weekend visit.
In the Kingdom of the Shadows (Al, Winry) PG: These days, he loves the movies. Ch 108 spoilers.
Gift Horse (Al/OC concubines, Ling) NC-17: What the hell was he going to say when Ed and Winry asked him if he met any nice girls in Xing?
Forty Winks (Ed/Winry) NC-17, NWS Art: Post-manga downtiemz.
Keep Your Fork (Ed/Winry) PG-13: In their kitchen, my parents have a mixing bowl - a wedding present to them - that's printed with the words "küssen vergeht, kochen besteht." Apparently this actually means something like "kissing fades, cooking endures," but they've always claimed it means, more entertainingly, "don't start the kissing until you've finished the cooking." Wise words.
Truth or Dare (Ed/Winry, mentions of past Ed/Ling) NC-17 + NWS Art: Win gets curious about where Ed got his sentimental education.
Too Darn Hot (Ed/Winry) PG-13: It's the summer after the Promised Day in Rush Valley, and the heat is ridiculous.
Driven to Distraction (Ed/Winry, Al, Paninya) NC-17: Ed and Win's sexy evening outfits make delicious mincemeat of their efforts to leave the house on time.
Tune-up (Ed/Winry) NC-17, NWS Art: Ed and Winry fail to keep their minds on the job. Again. Drawn for drbobofdoom's birthday.

The Next Best Thing to Being There (Havoc/Rebecca, UST) PG: the gift of the gab. Written for fmagiftexchange, for the prompt "Jean Havoc + Rebecca Catalina - getting ready for the Promised Day, they're not 'together,' at least not yet."
Fight On, Second Lieutenant! (Havoc/Rebecca) NC-17: This one thing had happened to him and now he was stuck back in the town he'd joined the army to get away from, doing the job he’d joined the army to get away from, bored and depressed and horny. Meanwhile his friends got to save the world and drink dark beer and score with hot, sophisticated city girls and order Xingese at 2am.
After Party (Rebecca, Riza, mentions of Havoc/Rebecca) R: A coffee and dish session with Rebecca which Riza is in no condition to enjoy.
TMI in T minus three seconds (Havoc/Rebecca) NC-17, NWS Art: Illustration for enemytosleep's marvellous Wrong Turn 'verse fic Secret Sex Ninjas.
Location, location, location (Havoc/Rebecca), R: Procrastination is awesome.
Exploratory Research (Havoc/Rebecca) R for cheeky, from havocmangawip's prompt, one time Havoc and Rebecca did NOT get caught.

Post-canon plotfic

The Riderless Horse (Roy and Riza (friendship), Team Mustang, Hakuro, Madam Christmas) R + WS Art: You've only been awake for thirty-six hours, staged a coup, fought a bunch of monsters and nearly died a few times. It's not as if you've had a tough day. The final battle is over, but the struggle for Amestris goes on - and if Team Mustang were looking forward to a little rest and recuperation, they can think again. When Fuhrer Grumman dies after only a few hours in office, Roy and Riza launch a secret murder investigation. The stakes are high: not only the country's future, but the lives of everyone they know …
Written for fmabigbang 2011, illustrations by a_big_apple, almost_british, and dreamer1789
Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five

No Small Injury (Roy/Ed UST and subtext, Havoc/Rebecca, Al, Hawkeye, ensemble) R + WS Art: Two years on from the Promised Day, as Mustang's faction struggles for power with Hakuro's, the Amestrian Army is one gunshot away from a civil war. Now someone may have fired that shot. Meanwhile, Alphonse is on the verge of a discovery, Mustang could really use some sleep, and Rebecca and Havoc totally aren't getting any work done. Perhaps more worryingly still, the Fullmetal Alchemist is bored, heartbroken and at a loose end.
Chapter One: The Way to a Man's Heart | Chapter Two: What Would Maes hughes Do? | Chapter Three: Too Much Information
Chapter Four: Sleeping Dogs | Chapter Five: The Buddy System | Chapter Six: Spare the Excuses
Chapter Seven: Go Time | Chapter Eight: Some Things Never Change | Chapter Nine: Interesting Times

Domestication (Riza/Miles) PG-13: She'd been to war! She'd slept in a tent! She'd used co-ed, outdoor latrines in the desert! There was absolutely no reason temporarily sharing quarters with him should be a problem.
Guns (Riza/Miles, Havoc/Rebecca) PG: Competitive Rebecca is competitive.

The Phoney War (Roy/Ed, Havoc/Rebecca, Riza/Miles, Al, Winry, ensemble) NC-17 + WS Art: Ed and Al have discovered that Hakuro's faction are developing an alchemical weapon that makes the Immortal Army look harmless. Civil war seems inevitable. As the battle lines are drawn up, Team Mustang search urgently for Hakuro's secret weapon and meanwhile, struggle to get from day to day knowing that tomorrow could be the day that everything comes crashing down …
(Complete chapter fic is complete!)
Chapter One: Blue Monday | Chapter Two: Make Your Mind Up Time | Chapter Three: Something Stupid | Chapter Four: Two Plus Two
Chapter Five: Inbetween Days | Interlude: Test Drive | Chapter Six: Go the Distance | Chapter Seven: A Grin Without a Cat
Chapter Eight: the Home Front | Interlude - TGIF | Chapter Nine: Charm Offensive | Chapter Ten: Flashpoint
Chapter Eleven: Gauntlet | Chapter Twelve: The Signal Flare

Home Run (Roy/Ed) NC-17, NWS art: drawn for fma_fuh_q's Roy round.
One Little Room an Everywhere (Roy/Ed) R, NWS art: fuelling up and resting up before round two.
What Ed Does in Bed (Roy/Ed) PG-13, semi-worksafe art: the toughest thing about starting sleeping with someone new is working out how to sleep with them. Written and drawn for a_big_apple's birthday.
PT after the PT (Brosch) PG, WS art: an extra illo for The Phoney War drawn for enemytosleep's birthday.

The Compass Rose (Roy/Ed, Riza/Miles, Havoc/Rebecca, Al, Winry, Team Mustang, Ling, Ran Fan, and more) R + WS Art: An infant Homunculus under the command of an idiot ruler: this can't end well. Two and a half years after the Promised Day, the struggle for Amestris goes on. The military's old guard have seized power from Roy's band of reformers, aided by a horrifically dangerous experiment: they've been growing their own Homunculus. Now, separated to the four corners of the map, Team Mustang fight to evade their enemies and reach safety, to retreat and rally their forces - and to find a path to victory.
Written for fmabigbang 2012, illustrations by a_big_apple, alasse_mirimiel, hikaru_9 and scatter_muse.
Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight |Chapter Nine | Epilogue


Miscellaneous FMA Fics and Arts that are not Wrong Turn 'Verse
Manga/Brotherhood unless otherwise noted, and canon-compliant for everything (apart from pairing where relevant) unless otherwise noted.

Mail Call (Major Mustang and Captain Hughes) PG: "You don't want to see spicy photos of my gorgeous girlfriend?"
Circuit Theory (Scar and his unnamed brother) PG-13: He only wished that they could have had the time to reason together about it.
Inhuman Resources (Roa, Greed 1.0, the Devil's Nest Crew) R: Thank you for your resumes, gentlemen.
Family Circus (Lust and her siblings, Father, mention of the tachi and Lust's soon-to-be boyfriend) PG-13: Everyone's family is a little bit dysfunctional.
Unwind (Winry) R and NWS Art: birthday gift for a_big_apple.
The Spirit of Fair Play (Roy, Olivia Armstrong, and Teams Mustang and Briggs) R: After the rigours of spring joint training, Teams Mustang and Briggs enjoy some downtime. Competitive, idiotic downtime.
Illustrations for pau_3104's Permission to Sympathise, Sir! (Cadet Hawkeye) G and WS Art: Done for Permission to Sympathize, Sir!, one of pau_3104's collection of one-shots for FMA Big Bang.
Holiday Ficlet #1: Hannukah: Amestrian Breakfast (Ling, Ran Fan) G: Ling likes exploring. Ran Fan spends a lot of time grinding her teeth.
Holiday Ficlet #2: Festivus: Everyone's A Critic (Roy, Riza, Madam Christmas and her girls) PG: Your family, they give you no respect.
Holiday Ficlet #3: Christmas: Unto Us (Roy, Maes, and an extremely small Elicia) G: New babies make nutcases of us all. Although in Maes' case the difference is not particularly noticeable.
Oh, I Get By (Riza and Rebecca) G: ten years of sharpshooting, snark, and nakama. Drawn for fma_ladyfest.
The Season for Giving (Ling), G: Who could say no to that little face?
Shell Game (Roy, Breda, the tachi, Maria Ross; cameos from Barry the Chopper, Ling, Ran Fan and Fuu) PG-13: When you sign up for Team Mustang, a little skullduggery is part of the deal. Written for a_big_apple, for fmagiftexchange. Set off-page during Chs 35 and 36, the Maria Ross arrest arc.
Catch-up (Havoc) G, WS art: manly determination, and guns. Drawn for havocmangawip's birthday.
Fortune Prevailing (Pinako Rockbell, aged 18, and a bunch of OCs), PG: "Next time I'm over this way, I'll look you up and see if you've conquered Rush Valley." Written for fma_ladyfest's 2011 round.
For Science (thirteen year old Ed, twelve year old Al) PG: Elrics. Long train journey. Boredom. What's the worst that could happen?
Paperwork (Kimbley), PG-13: Even the best job in the world involves a little tedious form-filling.
Candle (Maes, Roy), G: A friendship apparently founded on the discovery that they can irritate the hell out of each other.
Apprentice (Winry, Pinako, Ed), R: Some people would probably say that eleven years old was a little young to be performing surgery.
Born in a Barn (teen Riza and Roy) G, from cornerofmadness' prompt, young Roy & Riza, just how were you raised
The Experimental Method (Winry, Al, Ed) G, from randomcheeses' prompt, Al, Ed, Winry, pancake making.
Shindig (Hughes, Armstrong, Brosch) G: How is this all getting so out of hand?
Veni, Vidi, Vici (Olivia) PG-13, WS art: drawn for cornerofmadness for fma_ladyfest's 2012 round.

Principled Negotiation (Roy/Ed) NC-17 + NWS doujin Art: Written for the kinkmeme 2.0.prompt: "Roy attempts to finish a report, but Ed has other ideas and crawls under his desk to 'distract' him. Hilarity ensues." A complex, demanding and multi-layered plot to manage, to be sure, but I tried my best. BONUS FUN: eve_n_furter's 15 minute NSFW audio version, read in her amazingly sexy Norwegian voice.
Illustration for nyagosstar's Turn and Turn Again (Roy/Ed) G and WS Art: Done for nyagosstar's FMA Big bang fic (Roy/Ed, anime #1 ending AU), Turn and Turn Again.
Illustrations for pandoraculpa's Two of Us (Roy/Ed) PG-13 and possibly NWS Art: Done for pandoraculpa's FMA Big Bang fic (Roy/Ed, manga ending AU), Two of Us.
Domesticity (Roy/Ed) PG-13, very mildly NWS Art: This is a illustration for sky_dark's NC-17 fic, Domesticity. I drew the illo for sky to colour, and the shiny coloured version is on her journal, along with another rather more NWS pic, here.
In the Doghouse, cowrite with sky_dark (Roy/Ed) NC-17: After an unnamed domestic transgression, Roy tries to weasel his way back into Ed's good books.
Stubble Burn co-write with sky_dark (Roy/Ed) PG: In keeping with his general approach to marital disputes, Roy tried charm first.
By Inches (Roy/Ed) PG-13: More fun to look at than to get off.
The Pull of Gravity (Roy/Ed) PG, warning for sap: this wasn't part of the plan. Written for a_big_apple's prompt "Roy/Ed - 'But I want to go on from here with you / fighting the temptation to make a career of pain.'"
Warning: May Contain Sap (Roy/Ed) PG: Ed took the box with an air of extreme caution, as if it contained a volatile substance. Which, in a sense, it did.
Flexible (Roy/Ed), NC-17, NWS art: Yes, Ed can indeed bend his legs that far back in canon. Drawn for sky_dark's birthday.
But I Know What I Like (Roy/Ed) PG, from pandoraculpa's prompt, the persistence of memory.
Some Assembly Required (Roy/Ed) PG, from sky_dark's prompt, Roy and Ed, newly domesticated and newly living together put together something from IKEA.
The Small Hours (Roy/Ed) PG: Fuhrer Roy attempts to work through a bad cold; Ed leans on him. (Several years post-manga, AU for pairing and automail arm.)
Conspiracy Theory (Roy/Ed) PG: the Fuhrer's supposedly loyal subordinates are plotting against him. Again. (Several years post-manga, AU for pairing and automail arm.)
Illustrations for a_big_apple's The City Holds Together (Roy/Ed) NC-17, NWS art: three illustrations for apple's marvellous Big Bang 2011 fic.
Two illustrations for a_big_apple's Twenty-One (Roy/Ed) R for naked butt: for fmabigbang's 2012 round. Go read Twenty-One here, it's lovely and heartbreaking.
Unabridged (Roy/Ed) R: Love in the time of war and celluloid. Cowrite with sky_dark. Epistolary fic, written in the form of letters. Two illustrations by bob_fish, one of which is a little bit NSFW.

Entregarme, co-write with a_big_apple and sky_dark (Roy/Ed, Al/Riza, ensemble), NC-17 overall: Welcome to the Central City Charity Dance-off. Where Roy sees an opportunity to take his relationship with Ed public via a classy tango, Ed sees an exciting new venue for brotherly oneupmanship. Will Ed invent breakdancing several decades too early? Will Roy's back survive the experience? How itchy can Riza's trigger finger possibly get? Join us for an epic tale of determination, sweat and very frilly shirts.
Set in sky_dark's Better Living Through Alchemy 'verse, which is a few years post-anime #1 and very, very AU on the ending.
Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three

Brass Monkeys (Roy/Ed) PG: OTP sap drawn for sky_dark's birthday 2012.

Culture Shock cowrite with enemytosleep (Ed/Ling) NC-17: Ed has a pain in his butt, and this time, it's not just Ling.
Red String of Fate, or Something (Ed/Ling) NC-17, NWS Art: This is a illustration for vwl's NC-17 fic, When Life Gives You Dishes, Make Chocolate Fudge Cake, so if you want to know how Ling got Ed into this compromising position or what his plans are, you'll have to read her very awesome fic! Drawn for fma_fuh_q.
Learn by Doing (Ed/Ling) R: "Or," said Ed, "you could use, you know, a plate. Prompt-ficlet from vwl's prompt, "Ed/Ling; foodsex. Plus challenge: use the word credenza in this fic."
By the Sounding Sea (Ling/Ed) G, WS art: illustration/cover image for vwl's Nothing Gold.

April (Ed/Win) G and WS Art: birthday gift for evil_little_dog.
Close Proximity (Ed/Winry) G: Even Winry's mind wanders sometimes.
cover Illustration for inulovinkit's When in Xing (Ed/Winry) PG, WS art: I had so much fun mimicking pulp paperback art for inulovinkit's fun fmabigbang 2011 James Bond spoof.
Victory (Ed/Winry) PG, WS art: after Alfred Eisenstaedt's photograph V-J Day in Times Square. Drawn for evil_little_dog's birthday.
Off-Topic (Ed/Winry) NC-17: It was the big, wobbly grin that - for some reason - really did it for Winry. Prompt-ficlet from evil_little_dog's prompt, "Ed/Winry; following the goodie trail. Alternately, Garfiel catches them in the act?"
Yours (Ed/Winry), G: Remember how Arakawa never showed us the moment when Ed gives Winry her earrings back? Here you go.
In the Best Possible Taste (Ed/Winry) PG, from evil_little_dog's prompt, Winry/Ed - A (happy) future with you

Other pairings
Oktoberfest (Ed/Alfons Heidrich) NC-17 and NWS Art: Illustration for a_big_apple's lovely, hilarious fic, Oktoberfest with Ed and Hei. Go read it! Now! Ed's outfit will make much more sense if you do.
Dignity At All Times (Havoc/Sciezka, Elysia) G and WS Art: birthday gift for havocmangawip. Set in her 'verse - go to her journal and check it out, Havoc fans!
Renovations (Gracia, Elysia, Havoc/Sciezka UST) PG: Before she works out Plan B, Gracia has a few things to get done around the house. Set within havocmangawip's Jean Havoc: A Work in Progress.
Old School (Havoc/Sciezka), PG-13: Don't knock the classics.
Two Glasses of Pastis and A Bowl of Olives (Havoc/Lust, with guest appearances) R: Lust had better be getting paid time-and-a-half for this.
Top Banana cowrite with enemytosleep (Roy/Maes, OT4 mentions) NC-17: Roy gets a promotion and Maes helps him celebrate in a night neither will never forget. Is a birthday gift for cornerofmadness.
Illustrations for cornerofmadness's Haunted by Water (Roy/Maes, Ed, Elysia) 3 iilos, 1 is R rated and NWS Art: Done for cornerofmadness's FMA Big Bang fic, Haunted by Water
Everything Is Better With Ling round-robin cowrite with enemytosleep, sky_dark, and cryogenia. (Ed/Ling/Roy) NC-17: Written for the kinkmeme.
Everything is Better With Ling, the Stick Figure Theatre Version (Roy/Ed/Ling) NC-17, NWS art: stick figure comic adaptation of Everything is Better With Ling. Why yes, stick figure porn. One of the most popular things I've ever done?
Notch (Al/Ling) NC-17, NWS Art: This is an illustration for enemytosleep's delicious NC-17 fic, Notch. Drawn for fma_fuh_q.
Honeymoon (Winry/Ed/Ling) NC-17, NWS art: warning for pegging, bj, threesome and a very big grin on Winry's face. Drawn for enemytosleep's birthday.
Vox Pop (Olivia/Miles UST) PG: The new recruit is far more interesting than expected.
Intermission (Roy/Riza subtext) PG-13: It had been something of a long night. Written for the kinkmeme 1.0 prompt: "Roy/Riza: Riza comforts Roy when he's in the hospital after his showdown with Lust. Exactly how she comforts him is up to you."
Obedience Training (Riza/Roy), NC-17, NWS art: watch out for/please enjoy visible cock, kink, and Roy's nervous expression. Drawn for cornerofmadness's birthday.


D. Gray-man Fic and Arts
Counting Sheep (Lavi, Krory and implicitly, Allen) G: Sleep: it looks easy enough when other people do it.
Night Train (Kanda/Lavi) NC-17: The best way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Who said that, again? Written for the springkink prompt: Kanda/Lavi: bodyguard - "Idiots need protection from their own idiocy more than anything else."
Onsen Therapy (Kanda/Lavi) NC-17: Chibi cartoon buttsex in a hot spring? I'm afraid so.
Social Engineering (Lavi, ensemble) G: Lavi is so so good with people.
Hey, Cupcake (Lavi) G: How can you resist that little face? Birthday arts for saucy_babe.
Illustrations for leafyaki's The Melancholy of Allen Walker (Link, Allen, Komui, Lavi, the Fourteenth) G and WS Art, spoilers for Ch 198: four illustrations done for leafyaki's DGM Big Bang fic, The Melancholy of Allen Walker, a hilarious slice of life at Black Order HQ which you should totally check out.
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