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Fic: Off-Topic

Title: Off-topic
Characters: Ed/Winry
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 413
Summary: prompt-ficlet from evil_little_dog's prompt, "Ed/Winry; following the goodie trail. Alternately, Garfiel catches them in the act?"

It was the big, wobbly grin that - for some reason - really did it for Winry. The huge round eyes, the little snorts, the absolute attention. Sure, if she just went straight for the goods, Ed would be a very happy man - but teasing the crap out of him first was just so much more fun.

"That - isn't my knee joint." Ed was watching her intently as she ran her hands over the ticklish spots just under his ribcage, then her right hand flat over the scar on his tummy and her nose in the little trail of golden hair that led south from his bellybutton.

"No", said Winry with a little smirk. "It isn't." This was far too much fun. Ed's thoughts were entertainingly easy to read. Whoa, is she going to - no, calm down there, don't count your chickens - oh, holy crap, is the door locked or not?

"That's, uh, not my shoulder either."

"No, I guess it's not." She smelled the good clean smell of his skin - these days, he always made a point of showering before automail check-ups, and Winry always appreciated it.

"I think this check-up might be getting kind of off-topic -"

Winry ran her index finger down the little trail and into the thatch of dark gold hair below.

That shut him up.

Ed's wobbly grin compressed itself. His eyebrows danced. Winry giggled, and pressed a light, teasing kiss to the root of his dick. Ed's dick got a little happy. Ed got a little happy. Winry got a little happy. It was a good deal, all round.

So when, several minutes later, Winry saw the door open out of the corner of her eye, early, she was really pretty grateful that by now Ed wasn't really noticing anything happening more than an inch away from his manly parts.

Winry couldn't guarantee that she'd never tell Ed that her boss had raised an eyebrow and winked before he tiptoed away. She'd have to save that one up for a special occasion.


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May. 27th, 2011 10:59 pm (UTC)
So Winry got both a raise in Ed's pants and on her paycheck that day? XD
May. 28th, 2011 07:41 am (UTC)

Well, her boss is Garfiel so this isn't his favourite kind of show, but I'm sure he was thinking "good for her", and also quietly appreciated whatever well-formed Elric body parts were on show.
May. 28th, 2011 08:09 am (UTC)
Don't forget full "customer satisfaction". ;)
May. 28th, 2011 08:13 am (UTC)
May. 28th, 2011 06:22 am (UTC)
♥ I'm sure it's not secret that Ed/Win (or perhaps it ought to be Win/Ed) is my favorite pairing in this series. I love how she works on him.
May. 28th, 2011 07:55 am (UTC)
No, it's not a secret. ♥ He's putty in her hands.
May. 28th, 2011 07:12 pm (UTC)
It's true! He is. Obviously Winry should come before the X in any combination of Winry and Ed. WinryXEd. hahahah. She's definitely the one in command when it comes to activities between them, once the between them part is established. Getting it established might have been the hardest part of the relationship because she waited for him to to hand over control when he was ready hahahaha! At least that's how it is for My!Ed. He didn't get any until he finally screwed himself up enough to ask for it. Hehehehe!
May. 29th, 2011 02:32 pm (UTC)
oh yes, Winry's totally into that teasing stuff! And Garfiel and Ed's obliviousness- this was full of WIN.

*standing ovation*
May. 29th, 2011 08:46 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed.
May. 29th, 2011 06:31 pm (UTC)
Hehe, very nice. And lol at Garfiel. I love that man. XD
May. 29th, 2011 08:41 pm (UTC)
Thanks, glad you enjoyed!
May. 29th, 2011 11:26 pm (UTC)
Lol Garfiel...

I suspect Ed'll get more notices to come by for checkups and be happy to oblige *nod*
May. 31st, 2011 01:07 pm (UTC)
Thanks, glad you enjoyed!
May. 31st, 2011 07:55 pm (UTC)
This is such a fun little fic! It made me smile. :)

I believe my favorite line was;

"Ed's thoughts were entertainingly easy to read."

Just because it's so very, very true. xD

That and the last paragraph. Perfection!

May. 31st, 2011 07:59 pm (UTC)
Haha, glad you enjoyed! This one was a lot of fun to write.
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