bob_fish (bob_fish) wrote,

Illustrations for leafyaki's The Melancholy of Allen Walker

I did these illos for leakyaki's hilarious D.Gray-Man fic The Melancholy of Allen Walker, for Round 2 of dgm_bigbang last year. It only took me seven months to repost? Thanks to enemytosleep for the look over, and to leafyaki for giving me such fun material to work with. 

Title: Inspector Link’s Secret Night Job
Characters/Pairings: Link
Rating: G, totally worksafe

Title: Dodged that Bullet
Characters/Pairings: Komui
Rating: G, totally worksafe

Title: Worst Joyride Ever
Characters/Pairings: Lavi, Allen
Rating: G, totally worksafe

Title: Lullaby
Characters/Pairings: Allen, the Fourteenth
Rating: G, totally worksafe
Notes: Chapter 198 spoilers!

Tags: [fandom] d.gray-man, [fanworks] art
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