bob_fish (bob_fish) wrote,

Ficlet: Exploratory Research

Title: Exploratory Research
Characters: Havoc/Rebecca
Rating: R for cheeky
Word count: 279
Prompt: havocmangawip, one time Havoc and Rebecca did NOT get caught.

"Soooo," said Jean, "what are we researching?"

"Stuff," said Rebecca. She twirled the borrowed key to the file room around her index finger, one hand to her hip. "Really ... important ... stuff."

"Top secret stuff?" Jean gave her the cheeky grin and the cheeky eyebrow wiggle.

"For your eyes only stuff," said Rebecca, flicking open a button on her shirt. His eyes locked on it. New bra, surprisingly comfortable given the amount of uplift it provided.

Rebecca ran a finger around the waistband of her pants. Jean looked at the pants, then at her. She winked. And then - damn, she had the two stiff buttons on the cavalry skirt, which would have to be undone so she could get to the catches and the inside fly button of the pants, and - dammit.

She took a breath. "Okay, so. I was trying to think of a sexy way to show you I wasn't wearing panties, but these uniform pants have about three trillion catches. So I'm just gonna have to say it: no panties." Which was kind of itchy, actually. This would be so much easier if Riza hadn't made Rebecca stop wearing skirts and heels to the office. "This would be so much easier if Riza hadn't made me stop wearing skirts to the office. I'd just, you know, drop a pen, turn my back, bend over ..." She demonstrated.

When she looked around, Jean was tilting his head to one side. "I know," she said, "it's the butt skirt. Total passion killer, hides all the good butts. I'd ban them, personally."

"I so agree. Drop it and bend over again?"

Three buttons, two catches and a zip later, she did.
Tags: [fandom] fullmetal alchemist, [fanworks] fic, [fic series] wrong turn 'verse, [odd tag out] pointless smut, [pairing] havoc/rebecca
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