bob_fish (bob_fish) wrote,

Ficlet: Born in a Barn

Title: Born in a Barn
Characters: teen Riza and Roy
Rating: G
Word count: 289
Prompt: cornerofmadness, young Roy & Riza, just how were you raised

"The toilet roll," said Riza, "goes with the paper over the top, not round the back."

"Does it?" said Roy, folding his arms. "Who says? And who makes rules about toilet paper anyway, aren't there more important things in the world?"

"So it doesn't all bunch up against the wall," said Riza, with an air of lofty contempt. "Obviously."

"Nothing is more deceptive than an obvious fact," said Roy snootily.

"Also," Riza continued, "while we're improving your domestic manners: Father says to tell you that you're to help with the laundry, starting today."

"What?" said Roy. "Why did he tell you to say it? He's never made me do that stuff before."

"I don't know," said Riza. "Maybe he couldn't be bothered to say it twice." That sounded about right. "Come through to the scullery and I'll show you how to fold a shirt the proper way. I've seen how you do it, they just get creased like that. I can't believe your mother didn't teach you this."

Roy's mother's attitude to laundry was that you paid a guy to take it and drop it back clean the next day. Her attitude to cooking, cleaning and sewing were pretty similar. Roy felt already that his mother had the right idea about these things, but he had an inkling that this wouldn't go down well with a girl who'd been running an entire household by herself, on next to no money, since the age of five. So he just kept his mouth shut, tried to affect an insouciant look, and did what he was told.

It was only a decade later that he discovered that she'd made the whole thing up, just to see if he'd do it.
Tags: [fandom] fullmetal alchemist, [fanworks] fic
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