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Bob Fish's Miscellany

fic! illustrations! babbling and procrastination!

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Hello, I am a nerd. My journal was started as a spot to dump fic and arty bits and pieces. The fic and art is public and indexed on my front page, and under the f-lock you will find general nerding and chatting to my flist.

Bob Fish himself is the fairly obscure hero of a comic by the marvellous French comics artist/author Yves Chaland. I am not French, a boy or a fictional character. In fact, I am British, a girl, and a real, actual person. I just rather liked the name.

I geek out for fun and profit, and in my spare time enjoy the occasional slice of cake.

My journal layout is by thefulcrum. The header is by meeee.

Social capital

  • less than 10